Easy 3D STED microscope (Abberior) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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The easy 3D STED microscope (also called  « STEDYCON ») from Abberior will be on demo at the Bioimaging Core Facility (CMU) from March, 20 (Room A07.2707.a).  This instrument will be available one week at the Faculty of Medecine. The demo is open to all people who are interested in using super-resolution applications in their field of research. To evaluate this instrument with your own samples and to schedule your session as best as possible, please contact us. About the samples’ preparation, we have sample secondary antibodies and mounting media optimized for this instrument to grab. The demo instrument will have 405/488/561/640 nm excitation lasers and STED @595nm and STED@775 nm depletion lines.

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